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Tracking At-A-Glace® is a versatile case management and tracking software that has been implemented in different markets. Its flexibility allows for easy customization and configuration to meet the specific needs of each client.



Tracking At-A-Glance® is a recognized leader in case management and performance tracking software for housing agencies. TAAG is so versatile that is has been used to track public housing and Housing Choice Voucher residents alike, and report on the diverse metrics of different programs.

TAAG’s HOPE VI Module provides a simple way for Case Managers to keep track of their caseload additions, subtractions and other activities. It features a HOPE VI Quarterly CSS Report in summary and detailed format.

Emerging from the success of HOPE VI, the Choice Neighborhoods program provides a larger platform for collaboration across multiple agencies. TAAG tracks all measures from HUD’s People Report and select measures from the Housing Report. We understand that the case manager’s time is important so all the data for annual reporting is captured on a single questionnaire for the entire household. The Choice Neighborhood Module features two dynamic reports for quarterly and annual reporting on the data elements required by HUD.

TAAG streamlines the intake process for the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Case Manager. From creating ITSP goals while conducting the needs assessment to documenting all the Contract of Participation information, the FSS case manager has everything to successfully track FSS participants. With HUD’s release of a combined HCV and PH FSS Logic Model, Designing Success created a report that tracks the services/activities and outcomes established by HUD. The report contains several filters including demographic data and date parameters for enhanced reporting.

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Tracking At-A-Glance® is a versatile case management and performance tracking tool that can be used in any non-profit agency. It improves agency efficiency in daily tasks such as conducting intakes, making referrals, and documenting case notes. TAAG has been customized by other users for their Offender Re-Entry Programs as they provide job placement, counseling, and family restoration services to transition ex-offenders back into society. With the implementation of TAAG, these agencies can measure and report on the outcomes of their program. The tangible results they provide to their funders often lead to gaining more financial support. TAAG has also been utilized in tracking other programs such as Maternity and Adoption, Foster Grandparents, and even Migration and Refugee Services. In all cases, Designing Success provides the platform users need to document their success.

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Tracking At-A-Glance® delivers the immediate support and solid collaboration tool that is needed when a disaster strikes. The software automates the process so users at different agencies can quickly conduct assessments, establish disaster recovery plans, and keep track of referrals to an unlimited number of providers. TAAG was selected by HUD to track the needs of over 47,000 families under the Disaster Housing Assistance Program (DHAP) following Hurricane Katrina. Due to its customizable and user-friendly interface, TAAG was subsequently selected to continue tracking residents in Louisiana and Tennessee under the DHAP-Katrina Transitional Closeout Program, as well as the displaced residents of Hurricane Ike under the State of Texas Disaster Case Management Pilot Program. The reporting for disaster relief programs is enhanced by seven custom reports that track demographics, referrals, employment information, accomplished goals, and much more.

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Tracking At-A-Glance® assists agencies with meeting the needs of job seekers and improving relationships with prospective employers. TAAG allows users to monitor the progress of job seekers, from referrals to training, to employment counseling and job interviews. One of TAAG’s most unique features is the ability for prospective employers to search for a list of possible candidates using the Search Placement feature on the login page of every TAAG database. Based on information entered on a client’s skills, education, and language, employers can search the database and even view uploaded résumés of qualified candidates who may meet their requirements. This establishes communication between the agency and prospective employers. With multiple reporting options, users can easily run reports on job placement and retention milestones, salary increases, Section 3 employment, and many other data elements.

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